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Flame Fender





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Jasztex’ Flame Fender1 is a competitive flame resistant barrier protection for mattresses that meets or exceeds any other FR Barrier products on the market.

Jasztex’ Flame Fender is a flame resistant barrier material that is used in mattress construction to meet the open flame U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Federal Standard 16 CFR 1633.

Jasztex will provide FR Barrier certifications of compatibility with existing prototypes, for all our clients, for future inspection and products traceability requirements under 16CFR 1633. Guarantee that every lots of the Flame Fender are identical.

Jasztex’ Flame Fender is a patent pending product.

Jasztex’ Flame Fender offers a FR barrier product that combines two flame protections, for extra safety:

  1. An inherently flame retardant fibers. It contains silica (sand), which provides natural protection against flames.
  2. An additional phosphate treatment (made from natural element).

Jasztex’ Flame Fender is therefore a superior, reinforced barrier. These two protections are combined internally to ensure best results, with higher LOI (Limited Oxygen Index).

Jasztex has developed special process and equipment to produce this material. Substantial research and development were involved to ensure the product’s reliability. Jasztex is a reliable FR Barrier producer with quality assurance system in place.

All of Jasztex’ products are fully traceable, ranging from raw material to production settings and each package bear their own serial number.


View below the open flame test on Jasztex’ Flame Fender:


1 Flame Fender is a Trade Mark of Jasztex Fibers Inc.