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Blue Jeanious

Blue Jeanious

Jasztex' Blue Jeanious1 is an ecological innovation in the field of insulation.

Created with an improved process from recycled denim jeans and recycled polyester, Blue Jeanious is a safe and environmentally friendly product. It is a natural product that favors the sound and insulation properties of fiberglass . It is dust-free, easy to cut, making installation fast and simple.

Blue Jeanious natural cotton insulation is primarily characterized by three important factors:

1. High R-Value
Meets or exceeds the thermal and acoustic properties of fiberglass

1.5’’ = R-6.75
2 layers = R-13
3 layers = R-20

2. Safe to handle
No gloves or mask required to install

3. Environmentally sound
Made with a high level of recycled fibers and eucalyptus fibers.

Blue Jeanious is used in the same types of applications as fiberglass but without the concerning health issues. (Skin and eye irritation or respiratory problems). It does not have the long term negative effects the human body and environment can encounter with chemical products. In a time, where environment is a critical issue, this revolutionary product is the number one choice.

Features of this insulation include:
• Class A fire rating
• No fiberglass
• No formaldehyde
• Superior acoustic absorption
• Superior thermal properties
• Zero-waste process
• High R-Value
• Ecological


1 Blue Jeanious is a Trade Mark of Jasztex Fibers Inc.